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Evolving Electric Industry Represents New Career Opportunities

June 1, 2017

Post by Jordan Kern Jordan Kern is a Research Assistant Professor at the UNC Institute for the Environment. You can learn more about his research and teaching portfolio at Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the electric power industry might … Continued

Community Engagement: A Necessary Component of Policy Creation

May 1, 2017

Post by Danielle Spurlock Danielle Spurlock is an Assistant Professor in the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning When creating local policy, community values and experiences can be marginalized if we limit public participation to unilateral flows of information … Continued

Putting the Clean Air Act into Action

March 10, 2017

Post by Zac Adelman Zac Adelman is a Research Associate at UNC’s Center for Environmental Modeling and Policy Development. The Clean Air Act is the cornerstone of U.S. policy to protect the public from the harmful effects of air pollution. … Continued

Engaging the Public through Citizen Science

February 3, 2017

Post by Sarah Yelton Sarah Yelton is an Environmental Education Coordinator at the UNC Institute for the Environment. As the days start to get longer, and I can sense spring around the corner, I get excited about looking for those … Continued

Protecting Water Quality Across North Carolina

January 7, 2017

Post by Jon Duncan Jon Duncan is a research assistant professor at the UNC Institute for the Environment. One of the special things about conducting research at a highly regarded public university like Carolina is the opportunity to engage in … Continued

The Science Behind Predicting Wildfires

December 4, 2016

Post by Uma Shankar  Uma Shankar is a Research Associate with the UNC Institute for the Environment’s Center for Environmental Modeling and Policy Development The current severe drought conditions in western North Carolina are resulting in significant environmental and economic … Continued

Aviation Emissions and Air Quality

September 30, 2016

Post by Sarav Arunachalam Sarav Arunachalam is a research associate professor at the UNC Institute for the Environment In July 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its initial steps to address greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft engines. The … Continued

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